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Inspiration Behind Reflection Bracelets

reflection-bracelet-inspiration.jpg  I started making jewelry to pass my time on the quieter days at work. Thank goodness I have an understanding boss! HAHA (My husband and I are blessed to own our own business and get to work together everyday) I made the jewelry for myself because I love a cute piece of jewelry and love to be able to mix and match with different styles. I started having people ask where I got my jewelry. When they found out I made it they encouraged me to sell it. I thought I would like that, but would that even be practical or possible!? I prayed about it and asked God if this is the direction he wants me to go make it clear! One morning at 2am I woke up with a clear vision that yes this is what I should do, under one condition: it needs to be inspirational & encouraging! So there you have it, at 2am the reflection bracelet was created. I realized my attitude and actions reflect to others around me. My faith, my husband, and my kids are my life. I would never want my actions or attitude to affect them. Moms: Let's be real...our attitudes can make or break the way our family functions! Where do you think the saying "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" came from?! This goes beyond moms, it is true for everyone. We all have the ability to inspire or tear down. Often times what we feel on the inside shows on the outside and in turn can hurt or help others.


We all have weaknesses we need to be reminded of our worth in. Do you need to be reminded you are blessed? loved? enough? worthy? strong? priceless? beautiful? Wear a reflection bracelet to remind you that you are worth something! You were made with a purpose! Maybe you need to have one of each and wear them on different days depending on your situations...that is ok! :) These make great gifts for loved ones to help show how special you think they are. They work! I have looked at my bracelet and it has given me new perspective on what matters....I would have seen all my flaws in this pictures, but as I type this I see what I should see now... it's not how my hair looks, am I skinny's how beautiful is my little girl! How special is this pic! To have a moment like this captured in time...I pray she always knows she is beautiful, worthy, strong, priceless, blessed, loved & enough! And I pray we can continue to encourage each other.

       Each bracelet ordered will come with the story below on a card. The front of the card will include an inspirational quote.

These bracelets are inspired by my children. As a mother, I want them to live a life knowing God has made them beautiful and for a purpose. I once spoke of how fat I was and how I needed to lose weight. My daughter, heartbroken, said “You must think I am very fat and ugly because we weigh the same weight and I am much younger.” She is SO beautiful and not overweight at all! Could my distorted image of myself really hurt others I love? I realized if we want to inspire and encourage others we have to believe in ourselves first. We have the ability to build up or tear down ourselves and others. I challenge you to wear these bracelets with a purpose. Be encouraged by wearing the I am… towards you, you will be an encouragement to others when they see the You are…facing them. You are beautiful, strong, blessed, loved, smart, priceless, worthy and enough, just the way you are!  I pray you will:

Be encouraged

Be an encouragement