It's giveaway time!!

Posted by Misty on Oct 15th 2017

I have heard advertising will make or break a business. I completely agree with that and know it is a necessity. As I started to look at my marketing strategy I just struggled with immediately putting a lot of money towards advertisement when I would really rather be able to pass that along to customers. Now, I know you have to have customers for that to work! I want to try and reward customers for word of mouth advertising. So, until 11/10/17 I am running this promotion. If I get orders from 25 states in 25 days I will give away 25 prizes. I will give away (20) 1/4" cuff bracelets in your choice of copper or aluminum and (5) $20 gift cards...that's $300 in prizes! There is no minimum order for your name to be entered into the drawing. For every completed order your name will be entered. I will put all the orders placed from today until Friday November 10, 2017. All the states will be mixed up in one drawing so I am not guaranteeing a winner from each state, but if I get customers from 25 states I will be giving away the prizes to 25 winners! I have tried to make the store with a wide variety of options so you can find something for just about anyone, with 99% of my items at $15 or less! These make great gifts, especially the reflection bracelets! God Bless & Good luck!