A day to remember!

Oct 28th 2017

Thursday was one of those days I will never forget. One of the things I love most about creating jewelry for people  is getting to create a piece individually for each person. Even if you order the same thing no two pieces will be identical. I make my jewelry to order so when you place an order you can be assured I made that piece just for you! In memory or honor of pieces, or pieces specifically to help someone get through a tough time are bittersweet to make. The thought that I can make something that will give a little hope, spark a memory, create a smile is heartwarming to me, but my heart aches for the pain, heartache and loss people are going through. Thursday I made two in memory of pieces, got a call for an order of bracelets to hand out for random acts of kindness day (how cool is that!) and had a customer stop in my shop. She was having a special piece made to help her daughter get through a tough time because they had literally just received some hard news. Creating and making the piece while she stayed and talked to me was such a blessing for me. As she left we prayed for her and her family. The next day she called me and said they got good news and it looked much better than the day before. I just sat back and thanked the Lord for moments like these. I know it sounds cliche but this post is truly me just pouring my heart onto the page. I want to say thank you to all of you for the opportunities I have been given and I hope you enjoy the jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!